Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thinking Of Moving

I could have went to work this morning and made double time pay. Instead this afternoon I looked at this house. It was everything that we would need. Of course it isn't perfect, but what house is? If you overlook the driveway from hell and the few updates that still need to be done, it's perfect enough! Lets not even talk about the price. The price is way too high and we would have to get it way down in my fantasy plan before I would consider buying it. I really need to get it out of my head. We don't need to move. And really, do we want to list our house and deal with that hell? The hassle of selling and moving really sucks! I'm really not sure I want to take on a bigger house payment. Is this the time to move or should we wait? Interest rates are low. And it sounds like the houses in the $100,000 range in Cedar Rapids are still selling. The "flood people" are moving out of the FEMA trailers and purchasing homes and keeping the demand up. It's such a hard decision to make.

Daryl and I have both said that we are happy in this house, but would eventually like to move to something a little bigger and have a back yard again and a real garage. You know, the kind that you can actually park a car in. The problem is the when. When is it the right time?

We both agree we would like a ranch or a raised ranch. It's always the sticker shock that gets me. I guess I need to get out and look at a few hundred house to get a feel of what is out on the market right now. We could actually afford a new house if we wanted to move into something without a finished basement. I'm not really thrilled with that idea. I condo would be an idea, but I still want a yard. I really need something more to do that going to work and planting myself in front of the TV. Shoveling snow and mowing keeps me moving, even if I like to bitch about doing it.

Buying a house and a car are the two things that I hate the most. I guess it's because I always feel I'm getting screwed on the deal. I never feel good about going into a large about of debt at one time. It's a number thing. I look at my check and see how much I make and it always feels that it will never be paid off. I get buyers remorse like two seconds after I purchase something. Maybe I should stay where I'm at and shop for a therapist instead?


Blogger Scott in Iowa said...

That's a great house, Tom. Of course, I've always really liked your house. Old houses have so much character.
A condo is where Andrew and I ended up. While we do have a quite a large yard, it's not a yard that we can do whatever we want to. We have the freedom to plant shrubs and things in the landscaped portion, but that's about it. As far as shoveling and mowing, it's really nice to not have to do it, but I agree with you, it's a good way to keep moving and I sort of miss that kind of thing a little at times too. I guess anyplace you land has it's good points and it's drawbacks.

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