Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Packing a Praying

We are getting some packing done. I just haven't been in the mood lately. Most most of the excitement has been put on hold. Yesterday was a really bad day for a few hours. The Realtor on the other side decided to send us the initial property inspection form early, instead of waiting for the FHA inspection. What David (our Realtor) and Daryl and I thought was a pretty good report, some how was turned around into a problem. The inspector pointed out that the roof was showing some wear but thought it had at least three to five years left on it. He said that he wasn't an expert on roofing and he thought it may have more that one layer of shingles on it. I had said there was only one. This is what I was told when I purchased the house 7 years ago.
This somehow turned into that the roof was "shot" (exact word used) and had to be replaced! Of course, she wanted us to replace it. David found the paperwork from when I purchased the house. It stated that the roof had been replaced in 1995 and had only one layer on it. We told her we would correct the other minor problem she wanted fixed, but wouldn't replace the roof because it wasn't in need of being replaced yet. She excepted that reply and all was well again. Now we are back at square one waiting for the FHA inspector. I'm just betting that he will say there is some chipping paint and she will ask for us to paint the house again. Will this never end!
Daryl is a mess. He really can't handle stress very well. He went to Walmart and forgot two bags at the checkout. We did get one back a day later after he remembered he left it. It was really surprising that they still had it. At least the kitties will eat this week. Cat food was what he had gone to Walmart to get in the first place.
Next week the plumber will be coming to fix a pipe that she wanted replaced and we have a couple of electricians stopping by to give us estimates on the wire to the garage this week. I think I will start packing again after we have the reply from the FHA inspection.
All is not bad. I have been emptying out the wine cabinet this week. I have been trying some of the wine that we have been given as gifts over the past year. Why should I have to move that?


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