Sunday, May 03, 2009

Waiting to See what Pops up.

This first year we are trying to figure out what is all in the back yard. The previous owner was a gardener and the yard is filled with tons of plants. Every day we are discovering something new. We have also discovered that a raccoon lives in the big tree out back! He comes out of his hole between 7:30 -8 PM. He then comes down the tree very slowly and exits our property to go out on his nightly hunting adventure. As long as he keeps doing that, we have decided to leave him alone. We have also had a possum in the back yard. Thankfully, he hasn't been seen again. I did see one deer, but we have been told that many have been known to graze in the back yard. We have a lot of song birds too. Cardinals, Goldfinches, Blue Jays and Chickadees to name a few.

This cute little water feature was by the small deck at the front of the house. All we did was fill it up with water and plug it in.

The previous owners were big on planting Hosta. We must have a million different varieties.

I couldn't resist buying some annuals at the garden center. I spruced up the stump in the front yard.

The back yard. We have a fire pit!

This is a sand box next to the school yard swing set that was installed in the yard. They had some herbs planted in it. I decided to add some things to it and try some square foot gardening. I'm not sure if it will get enough sun. After this year I will know if I will have a too much shade or not. I may have to just container garden.

The kitties love to be out on the screened-in porch. The cats adapted well to the new house. Our dog had a little more trouble. She's doing fine now, but she was a little freaked out by the move for a couple of weeks.
The front of the house. More plants!

We are thinking of building a small pond out in the back yard. I have a garden hose down to outline a spot for it. I kind of like this area by the deck.


Blogger Scott in Iowa said...

It's always fun to see what comes up in the spring after you've moved to a new place! Happy discovery and when is the housewarming??

8:50 PM  
Blogger Scott in Iowa said...

I could get old waiting for something to pop up on this blog again!


8:28 PM  

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