Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ethan is a pack rat. Yes, I like everyone else, have stuff that needs to be pitched. Ethan on the other and has drawers of crap. I'm not sure what to do with it. Ethan swears he's going to get rid of some of this junk, I have been hearing this for four years, but he keeps accumulating more. I think it's time to have an intervention. Maybe I could get some of his friends together and point out that no human need this much stuff. We could have some wine and it could be really fun! On second thought, I may just have to start pitching things in the dead of night. I'm sure he won't notice half that stuff is gone. I better start now....He's at work.

Friday, September 29, 2006

men and drinks

I may have had a few more little drinks than I should of last night, since I have to go to work this morning. I'm feeling ok right now, but I bet my ass will be dragging this afternoon. So far I know I'll be an hour late all ready for work.

Bill had invited me and Ethan to a MAC party last night. Ethan was working on some sort of building project of his in the basement and decided not to go, so I ended up going to this by myself. That was his excuse anyway.

Bill works part time at the MAC teaching spinning classes. When I got there I ran into a friend ( a gay) I know signing up to join. We chatted for a little while and then I headed for the food and booze line, as I knew Bill was serving drinks. On my way down I heard my name called, it was Sam (turned 30 now a post-twink) a friend of Bill's and a book club member of ours. He was waiting around for Bill to finish too, so that we could go out afterwards and have a drink. Sam let me in on all the dirt about the guys at the gym as they walked by. I found out who he has done in the steam room (married men) and how big everyone's cocks are. Just your average conversation sort of stuff.

After Bill was done we headed to 3rd on First for an after event drink. Talk about all the hot straight man eye candy! It was fun dishing the dirt, and the waitress loved us gays.

Tonight Ethan and I head over to Bill's again to help with his purging of merchandise. Tonight it's the kitchen. I guess Kacey has most everything that they need so what ever they have extra is going to Goodwill or GoodTom.

2:30 pm......Ass dragging now

Thursday, September 28, 2006

dumpster diving at its best

Wow, did I get enough sleep last night? Sleeping beauty I'm not this morning. Yesterday, After work Ethan and I went over to my BFF Bill's house to pick up some stuff that he was giving us. Well, let just say we rummaged though the stuff that he was throwing away, it was kind of a big garage sale, only for free! Ok, we went dumpster diving. Bill is a lawyer and has purchased a new home with his BF of 7 years. They are taking a big step. Ray lived in some one bumb fuck town somewhere in the middle of western Iowa. He has an illusion that everyone thinks that he was straight. Bill is a few years younger than him, any-hoo, to make a long story short, they have been living two separate lives for the past few years and have decided to buy a house and move to the big city of CR. That leaves me to the reason Ethan and got to grab all the stuff he wanted to get rid of. It doesn't go with the new house. I prefer to think of our house as an eclectic look, so everything kind of works, even if it doesn't. His loss is our gain. I guess we are both moving up. Like they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stupid is as Stupid does

This is my second time at blogging. The first time was a complete flop. Ok, why was it a flop? Well, I made one stupid mistake. I told all my friends and family that I was starting a blog about my life and of course that includes their lives too. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

The major problem with telling them is I have to be all nice about everything that I talk about. In other words I can't say a dingo darn bad thing about them. That suck when you can't write honesty about what your thinking and feeling because you think they might be reading it and come to some conclusion that your a real ass hole. Of course, I may be a real ass hole, but I would rather not have it confirmed by my family and friends. I would rather have strangers do that.

With this blog I can talk about anything that crosses my mind. Like the guys cock I saw in bathroom at work today. See, I couldn't do that with the last blog could I?

I feel better already. This will be very therapeutic for me. I'll be able to rant and rant and rant about everything. Ok, bitches I'm out of here for now!