Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 30, 2006

homo, home from work today

I am taking a mental health day today. I do that every once and a while just so I can have a little time to myself. Ethan leaves for work before I do, so I just sleep in so he doesn't know. I know it sounds kind of childish, but I really don't care. I just want a day to myself. I don't want to deal with anyone, any questions or shit like that.

I'm getting really bored at work. I think I'm ready for a change. I have been at the same company for the past 10 years. Usually I just switch positions and that keeps me sane. I take a job in a different department, that way I get to meet new people and it's a nice change for a while. It's been almost a year at this job and I'm bored to death. The people aren't even that interesting. The only thing I really think is kind of cool is the boss doesn't really care as long as everything is running right. Very flexible when it comes to taking time off. That makes life a lot better.

I'm getting the wonder lust feeling again. You know when you want to just quit your job, sell everything and take off with what little money you have and start all over. The feeling of life is better out there and I have to find it.

Ok, I'm done with this feeling bad about myself! I don't need this crap in my life right now. I need a plan. I have been honestly thinking of getting a part time job. I could always use the money. It would suck working all the time. I have done that before, I truly enjoy my weekends off even when I don't do anything. Maybe I should take a class? I could get off my ass and do a little exercise, that always helps with me feeling better. I already went on a vacation, so that's out of the question.

Ho, hum what to do. I think I'll go shopping and see if that makes me feel any better.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

sex with friends

I called Bill this morning to see how the big move was going. Ray has moved all his stuff in this weekend. Bill was having a problem with Ray decorating everything without him having any input. Well, as of last night that might be the least of their problems.

A bunch of us were to go out to the strip bar to see the female strippers this Saturday. How it all got started was that Wayne hadn't ever been with a woman. We had a kind of joke going that we should all go to the strip bar and show him what a woman looked like, that way we could invite all the straight people and everyone would have a good time. The move this weekend kind of changed our plans. We decided that we would cancel and do this some other time. Sam ended up going over to Bill and Ray's house last night. I guess they all were drinking, Sam and Ray more than Bill and things got a little out of hand. Bill found Sam and Ray rolling around on the floor making out. I guess they ended up having a 3 way with Ray and Sam going at it hard and Bill was kind of in the side line. Then Sam and Ray kind of went off on there own for a while and repeated the act.

So the dilemma....Bill isn't sure how he should handle things. SAme is a good friend of his and he doesn't know if things will change or not. Bill isn't upset about them having sex. Ray and him have had 3 ways before and sex with others on there own. They lived on different sides of the state and so they had a open relationship. Now that they are living together it may be different. I know they don't want a monogamous relationship, I just think Bill was a little surprised that Sam and Ray had the hots for each other. This should be interesting how this all works out. Wayne has been with his BF for 10 years, but lately as rumor has it he has been sowing his seed around. I will keep you posted how things turn out. Sam and Bill have been pretty close lately, I wonder if this will change?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

nasty politics

This year I'm not that upset over all the nasty political ads and such that regurgitate out of my TV this last few months before the election. Anyone with half a brain can figure out when an ad has stretched the truth or darn right lied about something. I hope the country is in for a change because we really need it. Divided government isn't to bad for us. It keeps the crazy people at both ends of the political spectrum at bay. Unfortunately, we have a lot of crazy people. The last few years we have seen what one party government control can do. I think most people don't like it. I honesty don't hear many good things about President Bush and the way things are going with the war in Iraq. It may just be the circle of friends and co-workers I deal with every day, who can know until the election is over. We are a country that is run on fear, so who ever scares us the most we vote the other way. I'm hoping the Democrats get a majority in at least one branch of government. It forces the other side to make compromises. If they don't compromise, things don't change and sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes bad.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm glad they didn't get married

We had to endure the big break up of Mac and Jake. What a pair of drama queens! This was not a surprise to Ethan and I. Mac has been a friend of Ethan for a long time, he use to live with him when we first met. Since then Mac has been a traveling gay, changing jobs, men and location about every year. It's confusing trying to keep track, so I never really get to involved trying to figure out what he's doing. This last adventure moved him back to Cedar Rapids and that's how we met Jake. Ethan believed from the beginning that Jake was Mac's ticket to get him back to CR. It was no surprise that they broke-up the day Mac got his first pay check. Mac has moved in with someone already and (surprise) he is dating this new guy. I told Ethan that I don't want to meet this new guy for a couple of weeks, as they may not be together by then.

I'm glad to hear that the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that we have the same rights under the law. I personally don't care if it is called marriage or not. I believe that the government should have never issued licenses in the first place to anyone, as it is a religious ceremony. Since they have opened the gates and accept peoples money, they shouldn't discriminate against any group of people. Hopefully the rest of the country will realize that also and stop discrimination in every form.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wow, this year seems to be flying by so fast! Where has it gone? Since August we have had tickets to go to Vegas next week. We leave the 19th for a 3 day trip to sin city. Although, I don't think there will be much sinning. Ethan gets all upset over that kind of thing. He's a one gay man sort of guy. I myself, think a little variety is the spice of life. I haven't been with anyone since Ethan and I met four years ago. If I brought up the subject with him about being with someone else he would have a cow. So, as it is, we have had a monogamous relationship. It's ok, I guess. I don't have to much of a problem with it. Once in a while I feel like I want something different. It passes. I think that I should have brought this up front if I wanted to have that option of having sex with someone else, at the beginning of our relationship. I honestly didn't feel that I did. Now it would be a problem. I wouldn't ever want to hurt Ethan. I guess it's not an option now.

Wednesday I arrived home to find the house filled with Ethan's friends. Sloan, Mac and Jake were all hanging out with Ethan drinking of course. Sloan was on our computer (this really pisses me off because I have told Ethan I don't want his friends on it, but he always lets them do it anyway) looking for chicks again. He was getting a lot of hits. I think it was because he didn't have his picture on and the local group of lovely internet cruisers may have thought he was someone new. The day before some girl asked Sloan to show her his cock. After he did she didn't talk to him anymore. We all had a good laugh about that. Ethan keeps telling him that some of the girls he is chatting with are not really girls, maybe they are guys trying to get him to wank off on camera. I keep telling him he's going to end up as a wanker on perverted-justice. He doesn't have a clue. Jake ended up giving Sloan a buzz job hair cut that night. It started out being a trim, but ended up with Sloan looking like some member of the Neo-Nazi party. It was not pretty at all!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

On Saturday night I was watching Iowa (football) get beat by Ohio. All I was hoping for after Ohio got ahead, was to catch as many views as possible of Drew Tate, Iowa's quarterback. He is such a hottie.

I was interrupted by Ethan, he had to get on line to have a little modeling session via the messenger web cam with his friend Sloan, who had just purchased some new clothes with help Mac and Jake, two of Ethan's other homo friends. They did kind of a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy sort of thing with him.

Sloan is always hanging out at our house. He is over at least three times a week. He had been married to a friend of Ethan and has had a few rough years, I guess Ethan has a good shoulder to cry on.

He is always looking for chicks, so he can get laid. He seems to go out with someone a couple of times and then they won't see him or have anything to do with him again. We keep telling him he's kind of cute, it's just he has a negative attitude about everything. Not to mention the fact that he keeps getting fired from his job because he's always late, and he lives with his parents.

I was giving him crap last week about how we should be his dating service because he has gotten laid more by hanging around at our house than on his own. We have introduced him to a few women and he's gotten lucky a few times. I told him that we should get something out of this deal.

Ok, Ok, let me get to the story. I was multitasking from Mr. Tate to the computer every time Sloan had a new outfit to show us, he wanted me to put my two cents in. This isn't the first time we have had a fashion show, whenever Sloan is going out he always wants us to let him know how he looks, if his hair is ok and stupid stuff like that. Tonight the show is over the web cam. Clothes off, new one on, all is good with the world, then the conversation turns interesting.

Sloan types, do you want to see my boxers?

Dumb question, Of course we do...After all we are gay aren't we?

Off comes the pants and there is Sloan in his gray boxers briefs with a little budge going on, I might add.

Then he says, I have a surprise for you guys.....He slides off his briefs!

How did you guys like that?

Now there is a tough question, how are we suppose to answer that? Could be bigger? That's the best cock I have ever seen? Really, what does he want to hear?

Great I type!

I took over the keyboard because if Ethan is typing it takes forever to reply. He's a slow typer as it is, tonight he is in one of his binge drinking modes and has already had a few, so I needed to take control.

I really can't tell how big it is unless it's hard, I type.

Ok, he says, Just give me a few minutes. He turns off the cam.

Ethan looks at me with this (what the hell was that?) look. I just grin, I think were going to see more of Sloan.

A couple of minutes later the web cam comes back on and sure enough, Sloan and his woody.

You going to stroke it for us Sloan? I type. Ethan says, " he doesn't look that hard.", to which I reply, "I think he may be a little nervous".

If that's what you want, he says. Sloan types back an answer to every question I type, it just takes him a little longer as he has to keep one hand on the keyboard and one on his dong. I wonder if he's done this before? We both watch him go at it stroking away.

Sloan, why don't you sit in the chair and cum all over your chest, I think that would be kind of hot.

Sloan sits down in the chair and continues to stroke. We can see his body tense and in a spit second he's done. How was that he asked?

Very hot Sloan, ( It could have been a little longer show) do you feel better now?

Yeah, Now were even for all the help you have guys have given me.

Ok Sloan, were even, but we really didn't expect that. What has gotten into you?

Well, I just thought you wanted to see what I looked like.

Yeah, I guess we were curious.

This will be just between you and us, don't tell anyone, not even Josh, Ok?

Sure Sloan, It's just between you and us. Don't worry about it.

Sloan was over for the first time last night. Everything is as normal, I guess were even?